IQInvest MIC

IQINVEST Mortgage Investment Corporation is a non-bank lender providing flexible and creative financing solutions to the real estate communities in Canada.

IQInvest Mortgage Investment Corporation, is a “mortgage investment corporation” as defined under the Income Tax Act that is managed and administered by CWF Group Mortgages Inc. (FSCO Administrator License No. 12944 and Brokerage License No. 12786)

We are experienced professionals, with over 50 years of experience in financial investing, real estate, financial lending, legal and business development who have come together to provide investors and borrowers an attractive investment and borrowing solution.

Why IQInvest?

We are responsible for all aspects of the underwriting process

We begin our loan analysis by reviewing and scrutinizing the applicants behind every mortgage through an extensive qualification process. After carefully reviewing the applicant’s financial capacity, we appraise the property and evaluate the risk exposure in addition to the yield potential.

We are significant investor in our own MIC portfolio

The operator and manager of the MIC is a significant investor in the MIC. Being heavily invested in the MIC’s portfolio results in the management being highly motivated to achieve strong investment returns through active and prudent management ensuring a strong and sustainable performance of the MIC.

We help investors to become a mortgage investor

Not every investor has access to the amount of capital required to build their own private portfolio on top of all the scrutiny and management involved. We provide access to all investors seeking to become a mortgage investor and take advantage of the high rates of return and low risk while enjoying a regular monthly fixed income.

Invest with professionals to achieve your financial goals!